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February 12, 2020

Pokemon Home, Nintendo Airport Lounge, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo Podcast, NPC Ep. 257

Nintendo Power Cast Episode 256


Music On Being Human 

Unofficial Nintendo Podcast

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What We Played/Impressions



  • New games announced for NES Online and SNES Online out Feb 19th
    • NES - Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel
    • SNES - Pop’n TwinBee and Smash Tennis
  • Pokemon Home is live and able to be downloaded on the Eshop
    • The mobile version is also available on iOS and Android
    • The Pokemon Bank app on 3DS also received an update 
  • Nintendo Switch Lounges coming to some US airports
    • Nintendo will be offering travelers hands-on time with consoles and select games at 4 US airports starting on Feb 13
    • Washington DC, Seattle, Chicago O’Hare will have the lounge from 2/13-5/29
    • Dallas Love Field will have a lounge from 2/13-5/26
    • Travelers will be able to purchase consoles and games with 2-day shipping at the lounges, they can also claim a Nintendo Luggage tag and a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $75 or more at Target on Nintendo product
  • Animal Crossing will NOT allow a save data transfers
    • Not only will there be only one island per console, but you also will not be able to transfer you save data to another console.  Owners of the lite and regular Switch will have to decide which console they want to play this game on.  
    • In-app purchases????

Talking Points

  • How to overcome the Direct Drought 

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