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January 14, 2020

Pokemon Direct Recap, Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, Nintendo Podcast, NPC Ep. 252

Nintendo Power Cast Episode 252


Music On Being Human 

Unofficial Nintendo Podcast

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  • Pokemon Direct was last Thursday watch the Direct here YouTube

    • Two different parts of the Pass have announced The Isle of Armor coming out in June and The Crown Tundra coming out in the Fall
    • GameFreak has said they will add more than 200 more Pokemon to the game, all Pokemon will be available to everyone regardless of the ownership of the DLC.  Players without the Expansion Pass will be able to trade for the Pokemon from the two new areas
    • Lots of new cosmetic additions are coming to the game, hairstyles, clothing, and bags
    • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX was announced coming out March 6th - Demo available now to play and progress will carry over into the full retail release
    • Pokemon Expansion Pass announced will cost $30
    • If you own both games and want the expansion pass for both you will need to purchase the DLC for both copies
  • Nintendo showed off some more of the Mario Theme park coming to Universal Studios Japan this year, check out the trailer here YouTube
    • One thing shown off will be the use of the Smart Phone app and Power Up Bands that will gamify your experience in the park
  • Announced this morning that we will find out the final fighter in the Year 1 Fighter Pack for Smash on Thursday morning 1/16 at 6 am PT 9 am ET
    • If this plays out like the last 2 announcements we should see an in-depth look at the character then a release later that afternoon 
  • Bioshock The Collection for Switch - Ratings leak in from Taiwan
    • The game ratings are listed separately so possible that we could have an Eshop release and a possible physical collection 
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: DE could be out on May 29th - leaked by Danish retailer Cool Shop

Talking Points

  • Reaction to Pokemon News - are you going to get the DLC?
  • Who do we think the 5th fighter is?

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