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December 10, 2019

Nintendo Indie Showcase, Game Awards Predictions, Nintendo Podcast, NPC 248

Nintendo Power Cast Episode 248


Music On Being Human 

Unofficial Nintendo Podcast

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What We Played/Impressions



  • Indie World Direct was today  - Watch it again HERE

    • Wario64 live tweet feed shows all the games in the direct
    • Sports Story - follow up to Golf Story - out mid-2020
      • Play more than just golf in this RPG with other side activities to do now including tennis, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and exploring dungeons 
    • Streets of Rage 4 - out 1st half of 2020
      • Looks like a really well-polished beat-em-up
    • Gleamlight - out early 2020
      • Specifically stated in the trailer that the game will have no UI
    •   Bake’n Switch - out summer 2020
      • Looks to be somewhat similar to overcooked but more 4 person action-adventure
    •  Supermash - out May 2020
      • Combine two types of games into one to create something unique that you can share with others via creation code
    • Talos Principle Deluxe Edition - out Today 12/10
      • First Person Puzzle game
    • Sail forth - out 2020
      • Command a ship and sail in procedurally generated worlds to save stranded pirates, pillage, or fight other ships.  Work to build your own armada and command all ships
    • Dauntless - out today 12/10
      • Online monster hunter type game, play with 3 others to take down monsters, Free to Play game
    • Murder by Numbers - out early 2020
      • A detective picross type game
    • Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD - out Jan 2020
      • First-person adventure game involving combat with a crossbow
    • Skatebird - out late 2020
      • Play as bird and skateboard
    • Liberated - out 2020
      • Play a graphic novel as a side scroll action game
    • Boyfriend Dungeon - out in 2020
      • Dungeon crawl using your weapons that are also “single boys to date”
    • Dreamscaper - out early 2020
      • Combat systems include Brawler, top-down shooter, dungeon crawler to explore randomized dream dungeons
    • The Survivalists - out 2020
      • Set in the Escapists universe, play local or online co-op to build and survive on an island.  Best part you can train monkeys to work for you
    • Axiom Verge 2 - out Fall 2020
      • Follow up to the successful first game - one of the best games to play for fans of 2D Metroid games
  • MLB the Show is moving to be a multiplatform game as early as 2021
    • Could we see MLB the Show on Switch? Nintendo and Xbox twitter handles were tweeting about this news when it broke on Monday night
  • Tetris 99 update out today adds Team Battle Mode
    • Join one of 4 teams to battle the other 3 teams to be the last team standing
    • New options for different button configurations, user emblems and an option to redeem 4 themes from the past Maximus Cup events
  •  Qubic Games is giving away 10 games for free to anyone that owns at least one of their games before 12/15 follow the link HERE for details and how to claim your free games.  


Talking Points

  • Game Awards what will we see as a surprise announcement 

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