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April 17, 2018

Labo Hype, Wave Race Rumor, Nintendo Power Cast Ep.85

Nintendo Power Cast Episode 85

News/Talking Points

  • Labo Hype!
  • Virtual Console not happening?
    1. Each company seems to be bringing their games over

      • Sega
      • Capcom
      • NeoGeo
  • Dragon Quest 11 isn’t open world because the devs wanted to focus on story Click to read the full article
  • According to SDNIA.com Pocket Rumble lives I have a link to the gameplay footage. Click here for the full article
  • Amazon Italy is selling a special edition tropical freeze that comes with a Funky Kong Keychain, stickers and cardboard packaging.
  • Nintendo files a trademark for touch screens that that work together wirelessly.
  • New Octopath Traveler video
  • A hacker needed two weeks to add a way to backup saves on Nintendo Switch. Click here to read the full article
  • The director of Wave Race Shinya Takahashi is teasing the potential for a new Wave Race title. Click here to read the full article.



  • Streets of Red
  • Rogue Aces

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